Consignment Shop

If you have horse tack sitting around that you’re not using, give it some purpose again and consider working with the consignment shop at A Little Bit Used Tack Shop. We have a wide range of affordable used horse tack for sale in Northern California and would love to add your horse tack to the mix and get it sold quickly. We would be more than happy to sell it for however much you would like to sell it for, and we can also make pricing recommendations based on our experience with selling barrel racing saddles in Northern California as well as many other items.

At any given moment, A Little Bit Used Tack Shop typically has about 100 affordable used horse saddles and bridles for sale in Northern California. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of horses, we are able to price these saddles accurately and receive great returns for those who agree to our consignment terms. Rather than trying to sell saddles and other used horse tack on your own, you should trust A Little Bit Used Tack Shop to be your go-to tack shop in Sacramento. From the moment you bring us your horse-related items, we will make it our mission to get them sold as soon as possible.

Are you interested in putting up used horse tack for sale in California? A Little Bit Used Tack Shop welcomes you to stop by at any time to drop off your items. We will evaluate them with you, crunch the numbers, and see what you might be able to get for them. You can also opt to have us purchase your items directly from you. We buy horse boots, grooming supplies, medical supplies, and other horse tack as well.

To learn more about A Little Bit Used Tack Shop and equestrian consignment in California, call 916-961-6264 today. 

Consignment Terms

Bring Us ALL of your Horse Related Items and We'll Get Them SOLD FAST ! No Appointment Needed !